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How to get Your Policy Online

If you've never taken out a life insurance policy online before, we know the whole process may sound a little complicated. Fortunately, it's never been easier to buy than with our help! Through our easy service and ultra-fast network, affordable term life insurance policies are literally at the tips of your fingers! Just follow these simple steps to get your plan fast!

Determine Your Needs

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing is trying to determine exactly how much you require and for how long your policy should last. Here's a look at some questions you and your loved ones should answer that should help you decide:

  • Do you have a large amount of outstanding credit card debt that your family would have to pay for in the case of your death?
  • Will your children be able to afford a quality college education without your income?
  • How much income would your family lose if you were to pass unexpectedly and how much would they require to maintain their current lifestyle?
  • Do you have children that will require a sitter or day-care arrangement without you?
  • Will anyone in your family require life-long care or assistance? Is there anyone who may not be capable of becoming financially independent?

With these questions in mind, you should be able to get a more accurate understanding of your needs for now and the future.

Choose Which Type Will Fit You Best

Over the past several years, the question of whether you should buy term or permanent life insurance has been hotly debated. While the overwhelming majority of consumers and industry experts alike agree that term is the better choice, there are some situations where a permanent policy may make more sense. Check out our section titled Term vs. Whole options for more information on this topic.

Sign Up for Our Service!

Now that you know the type of protection you want and how much you'll have to have, you can sign up for our easy online method! It takes just a few minutes and you can do it all without even getting up! We'll help you find the right company for your needs!

Find Your Provider

After you've submitted your information, we'll quickly get started in finding the companies that can meet your needs! Our network contains dozens of experienced lenders, all of which meet our highest standards for quality and customer service. Using our method, we're confident you'll find the affordable offering you've been looking for.

Once you've found the company that you'd like to work with, you can apply for their offerings online. The insurers in our network can offer you a simple and convenient application process!